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The Thanasis Maskaleris Scholarship

Each year The Modern Greek Studies Foundation, a non-profit off-campus organization, awards a scholarship, honoring Emeritus Professor Thanasis Maskaleris, founding director of Modern Greek Studies at SFSU (1981-1996).

The award is two one-year scholarships, each $1200, or one $2,400 scholarship. Awards will be based on academic achievement, leadership, service, and financial need. Students interested in applying for the scholarship need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. be enrolled in 12 units (undergraduates) or 6 or more units (graduates) in study leading to a degree at San Francisco State University.
  2. be currently enrolled in a Modern Greek Studies or MGS-related course and have taken at least one Modern Greek studies course the previous year and maintain a 3.0 average in those classes and in your overall GPA.
  3. be already receiving financial aid at SFSU or provide evidence of financial need by providing a statement of need.
  4. be willing, upon receiving an award, to write a letter to acknowledge receipt of the award and within six months after receipt of the award to write a letter to describe how the scholarship was applied and what your accomplishments have been since receipt of the award. This scholarship will provide financial support to continuing undergraduate or graduate students interested in Modern Greek Studies. The scholarships will be awarded for one year and will expire at the end of that year. Winners are eligible to apply for another award during the following application period.

For information about eligibility requirements and to receive a scholarship application packet please call the Center for Modern Greek Studies at 415-338-1892.

Completed application materials must be postmarked to the committee chairperson by September 30, 2014 :

Chair, Maskaleris Scholarship Committee
Modern Greek Studies Foundation
P. O. Box 14815, San Francisco, CA 94114-0815

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