Former Minor Requirements

Minor in Modern Greek Studies, prior to Fall 2016

The Minor in Modern Greek Studies, offered by The Department of Classics at SFSU, is an interdisciplinary program for students seeking greater knowledge of contemporary Greek language, literature, history and culture. The program is designed to provide the student with an understanding of Modern Greek language, culture and society in relation to its antecedents, the ancient Greek and Byzantine civilizations.

The Minor is useful to students planning careers in literary and ethnic studies, primary, secondary and higher education, anthropology, history, sociology, translation, the arts, the foreign service, international relations and business, as well as those who desire a better understanding of contemporary Greece and the Hellenic diaspora. The interdisciplinary scope of the program also prepares the student for further study in any number of academic fields at the graduate level.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Modern Greek Studies consists of 23-31 units. If students do not have competency in Modern Greek language, prerequisites would be required. A core of two four-unit courses and one three-unit course will be required, and an elective group of four three-unit courses will complete the Minor, with three courses to be taken in the Post-Enlightenment periods and one course in the pre-Modern periods.

Courses for the Minor in Modern Greek Studies:

Core courses

  • MGS 365: Intermediate Greek, 4 units
  • MGS 470: Advanced Greek, 4 units
  • MGS 555: Intro. to Modern Greek Literary Texts, 3 units

Total for core: 11 units


Enlightenment to the Postmodern periods. 9 units selected from the following:

Pre-modern period. 3 units selected from the following:

  • MGS 510/CLAS 510/HIST 326: Byzantine Empire, 3 units
  • CLAS 390: Greek and Latin Roots in the English Language, 3 units
  • CLAS 410/HUM 401: Classical Culture: Greece, 3 units
  • CLAR 525: Monuments of Athens, 3 units
  • HIST 320: Archaic and Classical Greece, 3 units
  • HIST 321: Hellenistic Greece, 3 units
  • HIST 328: Early Christian Church to 313, 3 units
  • HIST 329: Early Christian Church, 313-787, 3 units
  • HUM 375-04: Biography of a City: Athens, 3 units

Total for Electives: 12 units

Total for Minor: 23 units

Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult with an advisor regarding their availability. Additional courses may also be taken as approved by the advisor for the minor.

If students do not have competency in Modern Greek language, the following prerequisites would need to be taken: MGS 150, Modern Greek I (5) and MGS 151, Modern Greek II (5).

If you are interested in signing up for the minor, please make an appointment to see an advisor by sending an email to