The Center for Modern Greek Studies is a teaching, research and administrative program of San Francisco State University's College of Liberal & Creative Arts. Having been established in 1981, the Center's purpose is to promote the study of modern Greek language, literature, history and culture in relation to its earlier Hellenic and Byzantine civilizations.

Established in 1983, the Nikos Kazantzakis Chair supports academic and cultural outreach activities of the Center. It is the second such Chair in Modern Greek Studies to be established in the United States.

The Center organizes special cultural outreach events such as concerts, art exhibits, readings, film screenings and lectures.

The Department of Classics at SFSU offers an interdisciplinary Minor in Modern Greek Studies at the B.A. level, including courses in beginning, intermediate and advanced level Modern Greek language, Modern Greek and Greek American literature, Modern Greek history and anthropology, and Byzantine civilization.


Modern Greek Studies Foundation

President's Report to the Board, Spring 2016 (pdf)

Upcoming Events

The Medea Project

December 5, 2016 - 7:00pm

Director Rhodessa Jones and the women she works with explore how an arts-based approach can help reduce the numbers of women returning to jail and can aid women living with diagnoses of HIV/AIDS.

The December 5th show takes its inspiration from stories from Greco-Roman mythology (e.g., Pandora, Medea, Daphne), and features short performative vignettes that weave the performers’ own experiences – of incarceration, of HIV/AIDS diagnosis, and of addiction – together with the challenges faced by the figures from those ancient stories. 

Please join us for this worthwhile performance with social justice at its heart.